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Capacity Building, Training and Mobilization

Training, Advocacy and Mobilization is one of the five key Program Areas of CRCP. It is responsible for development of training methodology, training modules, and organizing capacity building workshops and seminars. CRCP has conducted trainings of government officials, journalists, and civil society representatives in areas of access to justice at local level, environment protection, and freedom of information including the district-level mechanism of information disclosure

Training, Advocacy and Mobilization

CRCP also organizes workshops to train members of various target groups in issues which relate to consumer protection. Target groups generally include journalists, members of consumer groups, civil rights activists, representatives of civil society organizations, lawyers and students of law, and teachers, etc. Training areas broadly include: consumer rights, consumer responsibilities, consumer related laws in Pakistan, freedom of information, quality standards, safe drinking water, safety and home appliance usage, public services, natural monopolies and regulatory bodies, sanitation, hygiene, nutrition, etc. Training is imparted in an interactive manner and an effort is made to relate to the local conditions of the target community.

For the limited number of consumer organizations present in the country it is very important that more and more consumer groups are formed to work as building blocks of a vibrant nation-wide consumer movement in the country. Such a movement is need of the hour in view of shrinking state controls and expanding markets. Consumers must become organized so that they could engage both the state and the market to protect and promote their legitimate interests. In this context CRCP also reaches out to group formation at the community levels. During the course of its work CRCP has formed innumerably groups in various cities and towns of Pakistan. The aim of these community groups and volunteers is to create awareness about consumer concerns at the community level and also engage with local traders on issues of pricing, safety and quality.