Need of policy research is well-established in view of prevalent practice in the government to make hasty and ill-considered decisions on the basis of limited experiences of related officials and under the influence of powerful vested interests. It is, therefore, important that civil society groups undertake policy research and hence, by adopting a proactive approach, engage with the relevant authorities to make policies which are cognizant of the interests and concerns of all the stakeholders, especially the marginalized ones, who are often too weak to articulate and campaign for their rights. It is in this context that CRCP conducts policy research and gives feedback to the policy-makers.

In areas where CRCP felt that significant consumer stakes were involved, efforts were made to positively influence the policy making process through a proactive approach. Consumers remain a neglected category, as the link of their protection with the improvement in overall macro-economic indicators seems not to be strong enough in the eyes of policy makers. CRCP is committed to strive for a consumer policy, which could address the consumer concerns in Pakistan through a holistic and comprehensive approach. For this purpose, a number of representations were made to the concerned governmental organizations. One such representation was related to the budget whereby the government was suggested to make consumer policy announcement integral to budget statement. Greater awareness now exists about the issue.

CRCP has also been actively involved in policy input that includes deregulation of gas and petroleum sector, national policy for quality control, proposed Ordinance of Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA), Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices (Control and Prevention) Ordinance 1970, licenses granted by NEPRA to power generation and Distribution Companies, Proposed Performance Standards of NEPRA for Power Distribution, and Proposed Consumer Eligibility Criteria of NEPRA.