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RTI Law Passes in Bhutan; 100th International Law

On February 5, 2014, the National Assembly of Bhutan passed a right to information bill, putting Bhutan on the path to becoming the 100th nation in the world with an RTI law.

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Sierra Leone’s RTI law is tied as 5th strongest in the world

Sierra Leone’s new RTI law is tied as 5th strongest in the world, according to an analysis by the Centre for Law and Democracy.

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January 2014

Maldives President Signs RTI Bill into Law; 97th in World

On January 11, 2014, Maldives President signed into the Right to Information Act Transparency Maldives hailed the ratification of the act as “major step forward for good governance and transparency.” The Maldives is the 97th country in the world to have a right to information regime.

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Access Law Approved in Côte d’ Ivoire; 98th in World

The National Assembly of Côte d’ Ivoire (Ivory Coast) voted unanimously to pass a freedom of information law, 98th in the world. The bill has seven section and 27 articles that provide a legal and institutional framework governing the exercise of the right to information.

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December 2013

Delhi Congress Leader Accused of Destroying Files.....

The Central Information Commission (CIC) has directed the Delhi chief secretary to preserve all files, some of which "can be evidence of corruption", left by the Congress government.

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November 2013

Right to information laws confined to paper in South Asia‚ say experts

Right to information (RTI) laws lack teeth in the South Asia region because of their poor implementation status, experts pointed at a programme. Experts said this at an interaction on ‘Challenges in the Implementation of Right to Information Laws in South Asia'. Dr Ram Krishna Timilsina, RTI expert, said government officials are hiding information instead of sharing them.

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Judges and advocates accountable to people ...

Though people do not elect judges and advocates, the two are answerable and accountable to the public, Chief Justice of India P Sathasivam said on Tuesday. “The judiciary is enjoying enormous public confidence and trust, and hence advocates and judges must conduct themselves in a befitting manner,” he said.

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Indian Court Reverses Qualifications Decision

The Indian Supreme Court Sept. 3 retracted most of its controversial ruling seeking to dictate the qualifications for membership on information commissions. The court had ruled that only retired judges or those having legal training could be appointed as information.

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Access Sought to World Bank Reports on Bangladesh.

Efforts are being made to obtain public access to two reports sent by the World Bank to the Bangladesh government about possible corruption surrounding a major bridge project. Release of the reports is at the discretion of the government, which…

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Cairo Declaration Embodies Fundamental Consensus on the Access to Information in the Arab World.

In January, the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR), the National Council of Human Rights, and the Center of Media Freedom in the Middle East and North Africa organized a regional conference in Cairo for the Arab.

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